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Innovative, Professional and Luxurious Salon Suites that will give you and your clients the Best Experience Possible. 

The industry is embarking on a new trend “Salon Suites.” For decades, the beauty professional had only one style in the beauty industry. It was to rent a booth and share communal space in a facility that was totally designed by the building owner. This is becoming a thing of the past. With the development of Salon Suites, rising beauty professionals can now design their own space in a way that demonstrates their own unique style. Independent-minded beauty professionals are successfully building their businesses, in an amazing way. Salon suites are becoming the venue of choice for a large number of beauty professionals looking to grow their business.

The owner of Midway Salon Suites has had more than 25 years of experience in the beauty industry. This level of experience provides a wealth of knowledge about how to create an atmosphere for thriving beauty professional.

Midway Salon Suites is specifically designed to promote and stimulate the growth of the independent-minded beauty professional and the clients they serve. Therefore, we build excellence in every detail of the suite experience.

Our Standard Is Excellence

*   Access to your suites 24 hours a day
*   Beautifully Prearranged Salon Suites
*   Monitored Security Access 24/7
*   Prime location with outstanding visibility for high volume
*   Serenely appealing Spa Environment
*   Laundry facilities
*   All Utilities Paid

*    Free Wi-Fi for both you and your clients
*   Break room with vending machines for you and your clients
*    Three (3) large restrooms

*    Ample lighted parking for you and your clients

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